IFM Web ToolBox
These online tools help us investigate, manage and fine tune your web site performance.

Need more customization?

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Social Analytic and Reporting Tools

Interface uses Google Analytics, Cloudflare, Sprout Social, Moz and other services to track and maintain the data points collected from your site. Take a look at the tools below to see how we manage the content, protect your code and help drive more traffic to your site everyday.
Sprout Social organizes ALL of your social media information in one place.
CloudFlares super-charges your website and prevents DoS attacks.
Vimeo allows you to stream ALL video content to your public web site.
iDAM organizes and manages all project and image information.
MailChimp allows us to easily manage your email marketing campaigns.
Google Analytics captures all usage data from your public website.
Moz enables us to analyze the seo performance and keyword ranking
This simple content collaboration software helps you organize and produce content before it's published.