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Your Webcare Dashboard pulls analytics from external data sources to give you a complete picture of your website. Please review your information on a weekly / monthly basis.
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Analytic Summary

The following statistical analysis is based on your Google Analytics account. 

Acquistion Overview

These reports let you understand the total number of users in the last 30 days. It also shows you exactly where your users are coming from ( organic searches or through social channels ).
You can adjust the date range dynamically below.

Audience Overview

These charts map out where and who your users are. On the right you have NEW vs Returning visitors and below we map out exactly where they are coming from.
You can adjust the date range dynamically below.

Behavior Overview

These charts explain exactly what your users are browsing on your site. First you have total number of page views and below are the exact pages users are clicking on.
You can adjust the date range dynamically below.

Performance Overview

This chart indicates the performance of each page on your web site. Page load times should be less than a second. If they take longer than a second it should be fixed. The highest page load times are at the top of the list below.
You can adjust the date range dynamically below.
Advanced Web Features
Web features added to your account for enhanced user experience.
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PROfessional SEM Features
Search engine marketing modules added to your account.
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Download Sprout Reports
Your Sproutsocial account PDF contains monthly analytics on social media performance and user analytics. Please review the monthly report to make sure you are providing the best possible SEO performance.
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Own your company data at the source with active and continuous syncing of your company information to the most comprehensive search and directory listings network. Update your location data on partner sites instantly, to be sure customers are seeing the most accurate information.
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