Enable SSL for Your Site

(1) In order to use SSL on a root domain (https://acme.com), you'll need a DNS provider which offers the ability to point root domains to a CNAME record. For example CloudflareDNS Simple or DNS Made Easy.

(2) If your DNS provider does not support CNAME flattening, you can still use SSL, but your SSL site must be served on the WWW domain (ie: www.acme.com). Use a CNAME to point your WWW subdomain to proxy-ssl.webflow.com and mark it as the default domain in the Webflow Dashboard. Please see Step 3 below to update the A Records for your root domain to re-direct appropriately.

Step 1. Update DNS Records for your domains

  1. Add a CNAME Record of proxy-ssl.webflow.com to your "www." subdomain
  2. Add an ANAME or CNAME Record of proxy-ssl.webflow.com to your "root" domain (i.e. without "www.").

Step 2. If your DNS provider does not support CNAME or ALIAS records on the root domain, add these A Records to route your website traffic to the "www" version of your domain

Add the first A Record:​

Type: AHost: @​Points to: 300

Add the second A Record:​

Type: A​Host: @​Points to: 300

Set your "www" version of your domain as the default domain if your DNS provider does not allow pointing a CNAME or ALIAS record to your root domain.

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